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How to get contact info from Linkedin without connection

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February 1, 2024
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LinkedIn, a giant in the corporate networking sphere, provides several possibilities for career development, business expansion and partnership. The site highlights making contacts with others, but sometimes it may be necessary to contact someone without being their direct LinkedIn connection.

In this comprehensive guide we will explore the subtleties of connecting with individuals on LinkedIn without being connected to them, looking at why someone would try this and giving a step by step procedure on how to use an amazing tool known as Spylead which helps you get out of the dilemma of finding contact details.

Can You Contact Someone You're Not Connected to on LinkedIn?

Certainly, the answer is yes, but not without some considerations. LinkedIn’s design encourages communication within established connections thus posing a challenge for those trying to connect with professionals outside their immediate network. However, there are valid reasons why you might need to find contact information without a direct connection. From professional networking and business development to recruitment, there are numerous scenarios where accessing contact details is crucial for fostering meaningful connections.

Why You Might Want to Get Contact Info from LinkedIn

Explore detailed reasons for obtaining LinkedIn contact info below:

1. Professional Networking

When professionals’ network starts widening they can access different opportunities; gain knowledge from different sources and collaborate together. Through connecting with different people in various fields, they develop dynamic networks that enhance growth in their careers and eventually open doors into new fields. Networking thus becomes crucial in staying updated and successful throughout one’s career journey in a fast changing economic environment.

2. Business Development

Networking via LinkedIn assists entrepreneurs or business professionals to actively approach potential clients or partners thereby driving business growth forward. Connecting within related industries not only increases opportunity but also nurtures relationships that are necessary in fostering collaboration and success. This critical connection is cultivated through LinkedIn hence providing the right environment for sustainability of businesses thereby promoting long lasting business growth and expansion.

3. Recruitment

In terms of hiring HR managers rely on contacting potential candidates who are beyond their immediate network through LinkedIn platform. Such outreach is important because recruiters should have a larger pool of potential talents to choose from. By reaching out to individuals not directly connected, recruiters ensure a comprehensive and effective recruitment strategy, making LinkedIn an indispensable tool for identifying and engaging with prospective candidates.

How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn

There are however ethical ways one can take advantage of this feature on LinkedIn in order to get contact information for professional use. Let us take a look at some of these methods:

1. The Manual Method

Acquiring someone's contact details on LinkedIn using this method is the most straightforward approach. First, send a connection request to the user. Once the request is accepted, you'll have access to their contact information, including emails, linked social media accounts, and, if applicable, a website or blog.

Click on LinkedIn Profile Contact Info
Click on LinkedIn Profile Contact Info
Access the contact info on LinkedIn
Access the contact info on LinkedIn

 Although it is laborious, this way is considered legal because it utilizes public data. For those selecting the manual method, there should be time investment as well as respect for ethical standards and privacy when searching for relevant information in publicly available sources. This method is slow but enhances carefulness and respects when dealing with contacts in LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn Email Finder

You no longer have to jump through hoops to find email contacts on LinkedIn — the LinkedIn Email Finder makes it easy. While traditional methods might require a connection for access, this tool does away with that constraint. Great for bulk searches, email finder tools on LinkedIn can easily fetch contact information without issue. With them, you can not only dig up email addresses in droves, but some even extract phone numbers as well. Improve your prospecting game by using these tools designed to streamline your outreach efforts on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to uncover valuable connections without the need for manual linking — making it all efficient and effective. Here’s one of the best Email finder for Linked in:

  • Evaboot:

It’s user-friendly interface allows users to extract vital details quickly unlike waiting for connections with others. To ensure it can be used by as many people as possible, the application was designed with a user-centric approach so that professionals can easily add friends on Linkedin or find new leads. The automations behind Evaboot not only save time but also improve the experience of contact extraction which makes it a handy tool for anyone who can navigate professional networking complications.

Key Features:

  • Fast finder for quick email retrieval.
  • Bulk email search for efficient scraping.
  • Cold outreach sequence for automated emails.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Team collaboration on a single subscription.


  • Fast and efficient email finding.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Team collaboration on a single subscription.
  • Quick scraping of thousands of connections.


  • Bulk extraction may not help in verifying the target email.
  • Individual scraping required for precise targeting.

How to Use Evaboot to Get Contact Information from LinkedIn Without Connection

Spylead is among the most popular apps when searching for someone’s contact details on Linkedin.

Here are the steps required:

  • Download Chrome Extension – Begin by installing Evaboot chrome extension on your browser
  • Input Relevant Keywords – Put keywords related to the people you want here in the Evaboot search bar; their names, titles at work or company names
  • Start Search – This means click on the search icons which will make Evaboot start scanning through all relevant profiles based on keywords fed in
  • Name Your Campaign– To make your campaign easily identifiable give it a name maybe using your first keyword Inserted.
  • Choose Number of Results—Specify how many results you want to scrape from the search to tailor your information gathering
  • Start Bulk Extraction - Click on ‘Start bulk’ to begin the extraction process. Evaboot will then extract all contact details which are in the identified LinkedIn profiles.
  • Review Your Results – In just a few seconds, Evaboot will give you a list of results with contact details that you were looking for. Ensure that they are correct.

This is how it’s done by Evaboot. Even if there is no direct connection to individuals, it allows efficient extraction of contact information from LinkedIn.


This article demonstrates that accessing prospects' information on LinkedIn is achievable with or without a direct connection. Manual methods, though time-consuming, can be effective. However, using LinkedIn email finder software like Evaboot offers a more efficient and streamlined approach, especially when considering usability and interface. Whether you're expanding your network or seeking business opportunities, these methods provide valuable tools for reaching out on LinkedIn.

How to get contact info from Linkedin without connection
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