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Let your Digital Twin comment automatically on LinkedIn posts that contain specific keywords, or are written by relevant creators.

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PowerIn new followers

Comment automatically the LinkedIn posts that contain specific keywords

Create the first interactions with peoples that are active on LinkedIn and share similar interests with you!

150 posts per day: Comment 50 posts per keyword! And target up to 3 keywords

Customize the comment: Set up the personalized tone, and make sure the comments match with your personality

And those made by targeted creators

Be visible in the comment area to the content creators' audience

50 target accounts: Target up to 50 content creators, and be the first to comment everytime they're posting on LinkedIn

Change anytime: Add, remove, edit the target account at any time!

Create your Digital Twin with the
‚ÄćPersonalized tone

PowerIn personalized tone

More features

To customize the comments to make them fit with your own personality!

linkedin company page

Comment as company page

Instead of commenting the LinkedIn post with your personal profile, leave the comment with your company page!


Turn on/off  Emoji

Choose to include (or not) relevant emojis in the comment generated and posted by PowerIn

hashtag logo

Turn on/off  Hashtag

Choose to include (or not) hashtags in the comment generated and posted by PowerIn

manual approval

Manual comment approval

Automated mode isn't good for you? Choose to approve manually the comment before they go live!

export as csv

Export comment in CSV

You're using PowerIn for your clients, export the comments in CSV to show your work!

history logo


Know when, and on which posts PowerIn left a comments with your account

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