Grow on Twitter by Auto commenting up to 200 threads per day with AI

PowerIn automatically comments LinkedIn posts more effectively than you could, even while you're asleep or deeply focused.

~ 60 profiles views / day

~ 80 profiles views / day

~ 8 new followers / day

Target keywords or #

Comment automatically the Twitter thread that contain specific keywords or hashtagnotre méthode

Engage with as many as 150 Twitter posts each day, specifically those that match the keywords and hashtag tied to your goals on Twitter (X)

Forge new relationships and widen your network.
Increase your visibility among key market influencers and their audience whom you might have otherwise overlooked.

  • Target up to 3 keywords or #

  • Use Boolean

  • Comment 50 times a day/keywords (150 comments/day)

Target creators

And those made by targeted creatorsnotre méthode

Automatically engage with content from up to 50 Twitter (X) creators the moment they post their thread.

By commenting, you'll capture the attention within the creators' audiences you've targeted.
Expect interactions from qualified individuals within these audiences, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Comment in less than 15min

  • Bring value

  • Target up to 50 creators

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PowerIn comments better than you could

Personalized tone, for personalized comments

turn on/off emoji

turn on/off hashtag

Manual comment approval

Export comment in CSV

Personalized tone


Target language

LinkedIn AI comments

Enjoy the benefits of automated comments for LinkedIn

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Boosted Visibility

Automated comments make sure you're always part of the conversation. They help your tweets get noticed in threads where your target audience hangs out.

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Brand Buzz

With automated comments, you're like the cool regular at a party - people start recognizing you and your expertise. It's a slick way to build your personal brand without lifting a finger every time.

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Time Saver, Life Saver

Who has time to manually engage with every relevant tweet? Not you! Automated comments do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on more fun stuff like creating killer content.

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Consistent Presence

Ever notice how the people who show up regularly get all the attention? Automated comments keep you in the game, day in, day out, so your followers never forget you're there.

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Follower Frenzy

More engagement means more eyeballs on your profile, which often translates to more followers. It's like a snowball effect—once you start engaging, your follower count can really start to roll.

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Chat Catalyst

Automated comments are like dropping a conversation starter at a crowded party. They get people talking and engaging with your tweets, leading to more meaningful connections and networking opportunities

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Frequently asked questions

What about LinkedIn's policies on automation? Is this tool safe to use

We prioritize compliance with LinkedIn's policies and have designed our software to operate within these guidelines. PowerIn uses sophisticated algorithms to mimic human behavior, avoiding rapid or unnatural engagement patterns that could violate LinkedIn's terms of service. We're committed to ensuring PowerIn is not only effective but also safe for our users.

How does PowerIn help me grow my network or sales?

By increasing your visibility and engagement on LinkedIn, PowerIn helps you get noticed by industry peers, potential clients, and other professionals. The more you engage through comments, the more likely people are to view your profile, follow you, and even reach out directly. This increased exposure can lead to more connections, conversations, and ultimately, opportunities for sales and network expansion

Isn't automated commenting considered spammy? How do you avoid this?

We're very aware of the fine line between engaging and spamming. Our AI is designed to avoid spammy behavior by limiting the frequency of comments, ensuring variety in the comments made, and targeting only relevant discussions. We also continuously update our algorithms to comply with LinkedIn's best practices and policies, minimizing to 0 the risk of your account being flagged.

Can PowerIn adapt to my specific industry and the tone of my brand?

Absolutely! PowerIn AI can be customized to match your industry's specific needs and the tone of your brand. You can set parameters and guide the AI on the types of posts you want to comment on, the tone of voice, and even specific keywords or topics to focus on. This ensures that all automated comments feel personal and aligned with your brand identity.

How does the PowerIn AI ensure the comments are relevant and engaging?

Our PowerIn AI is built on advanced natural language processing algorithms that analyze the content of each LinkedIn post to generate comments that are not only relevant but also engaging. It's designed to understand context, industry-specific jargon, and the nuances of professional interaction, ensuring that each comment it generates is appropriate and adds value to the conversation